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What you can do

  1. Write to the Department of Energy and Climate Change asking that subsidies, in the form of renewable obligations certificates (ROCs), are not given to biofuels – see below for a guide to writing this letter
  2. Join N.O.P.E. We hold regular meetings and are actively campaigning to ensure that this biofuel plant is not built in Portland or anywhere else. See the right hand side bar for the next meeting date and location

Letter writing guide to the Department of Energy and Climate Change

The only reason biofuel power plants like this can be built is because they are heavily subsidised by the government. Please write directly to Secretary of State Edward Davey urging that biofuels are not subsidised, since they are a false solution to climate change and not a sustainable alternative to fossil fuels. Please feel free to use the template provided, but it is better if you can add your own views to the ones given below. You can either post your letter to the address below or email it to and copy in .


Edward Davey MP
Secretary of State
Department of Energy and Climate Change
3 Whitehall Place

Dear Mr. Davey,

I am dismayed that plans for biofuel power stations, including those run on palm oil, are being passed and even subsidised in Britain. Government policy now means I have no choice but to subsidise palm oil and other destructive biofuels for use in energy production.

Biofuels are a disaster for the climate because they cause deforestation, whether for palm oil in South-east Asia or Colombia, or for soya in the Amazon basin and elsewhere. They destroy biodiversity and the livelihoods of communities, including indigenous peoples, and cause more people to go hungry. We need truly renewable energy – such as on- and off-shore wind, tidal and solar – which are sustainable and climate-friendly, not biofuels or biomass from large-scale plantations and forest destruction.

The Environment Agency has advised against issuing Renewable Obligation Certificates (ROCs) for palm oil as a fuel for electricity generation. I urge you to remove the subsidies for all biomass/bioliquid electricity production, making this scheme ineligible for ROCs, and to ensure the Renewable Heat Incentive does not subsidise bioliquids and other bioenergy from crops and trees.





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  1. Annette Barsby permalink
    March 31, 2010 6:12 am

    Leave the forests to the wildlife, and stop using Palm Oil, No demand will stop the palm oil industry.
    This industry is killing our World off.
    It’s foolish, cruel, unfair to local indigenous who have no homes no food because their forest has gone, orangutans and other primates are being sold to the pet trade after having their mother5s murdered so it is totally unsustainable.

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