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Local issues

Locally there are concerns over particulate and other local air pollution, with the exhaust stacks being situated at sea level, yet thousands of people live above the stacks (which are 27 meters high), on the top of Portland (at 100 meters), and are concerned about the health impacts of the pollution that could be emitted into their homes, schools, workplaces and leisure facilities, including nitrogen oxide and carbon monoxide.

Toxic fumes produced by the burning of palm oil could cause respiratory disease, cancer, heart problems and allergic reactions. Since this is the first biofuels plant that will burn palm oil in the UK, we cannot be certain what the health impacts will be; the Portland community will be a living experiment.

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  1. July 14, 2010 7:42 pm

    I was very shocked to learn from Campaign Against Climate Change that this project has been approved by Weymouth Council. It seems to be driven by greed, with zero regard for the forests and populations, human and animal, of Indonesia, and zero regard for the health of people living in and near Portland. Portland and Weymouth are not places that I have been to myself, but I have strong images of them in my mind from reading “Weymouth Sands” by John Cowper Powys. I hope many readers of that book will be inspired for many reasons, including Powys’s love of life and landscape, to join the campaign to preserve Portland and to help defend all the people who will suffer if the plant is built.

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