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May 28, 2012

New Logo and Appeal for Legacy of Protection for Portland

No Oil Palm Energy (NOPE), who have been campaigning against plans for a biofuel power station at Portland Port since permission was granted for the scheme in January 2010, have produced a new Olympic-themed logo. If it were not for the fierce public opposition to the plans, which delayed the developers, the Olympic sailing events would have been taking place around a power station spewing pollution and burning palm oil shipped from plantations on former rainforest land in Indonesia.

The threat of this unwanted, unsustainable and polluting power station still hangs over the island. Although the planning permission expires in January 2013, the company behind the scheme, W4B, have recently sold their business to Peak Gen Power based in Leamington Spa. Despite requests from NOPE and other campaign groups, Peak Gen have refused to reveal their plans for the site in Portland.

If this power station does go ahead, then Portland’s Olympic legacy will be deteriorating health for residents and environmental destruction and social injustice where the fuel is grown. Instead Portland should be celebrated and protected for its incredible wild spaces, climbing, sailing, tight-knit community, rare flora and fauna, and the wind and waves that are abundant around the island should be harnessed to produce clean and sustainable energy.

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